About this API

The P2Nex API is easy to use.
This website contains everthing you need - thus you will find documentation, description and examples as well.
The basic architecture is that of a REST webservice, which supports GET / POST requests. If the request fails a status code 303 is returned and the answer is a string starting with "Error: ". For sucsessfull requests a JSON notated object is returned.
Site URL https://p2nexapi.azurewebsites.net/
API URL https://p2nexapi.azurewebsites.net/api
Pos. Response HTTP status: 200 "OKAY"
Neg. Response HTTP status: 303 "See other"
Currently there is no dedicated test envorinment available. Take this as an advantage since practicing in real world makes mistakes more memorable.

How it works

We are not going to explain how to consume a webservice in the programming language you use. You should find plenty of samples providing this information in the net. Here we are focusing a programming language independent approach. Using your samples you can copy the full request string to your browser and you will receive the answer directly.
Just read through the text, whenever you find a funtionallity that meets your interest, just follow / click the link, which leads you to the configured "Interface".
The "Interface" is a web page describing the function, informing about URL and parameters, plus proving a fully functional test environment. Thus, you simply fill in the value of parameters and by pressing the "Submit" button a web request will be generated and send to the live system. Based on this interface you are able to control what ever you want. As a result the content of the response is displayed. The full URL which was used for the web request is printed as well. The URL and the required parameter used by the "Interface" will be generated by the links from this documentation - accessing the "Interface" page directly might lead to empty URL and parameters.
Please be aware that you are on the LIVE system.
No need for a long talk. Get around and do your first request rigth now. Run sample


This guidance through the API is split in several chapters. Each of which covers a functional topic (e.g. wallets, transactions etc.).

Accessing the API

Beside the first sample,yoo will need credentials to access the P2Nex services.
For the time beginning please send an email to joachim.kalcher@bitrush.co to get this credentials set up. Later you will be able to register directly via the P2Nex website.
This credentials are used for authentification. Thus you have to submit the provided 'Client' identification as well as the 'Secret' with every request.
PLEASE NOTE: please get your secret through a function call in your code - this is for further development. I might come, that the static key is replaced by a calculation. So to be save for the future, simply but the 'Secrect' into a funcation, which you can modify later on in one certain oint in your code.

User Security

In many circumstances it is necessary that a 3rd party developer (named as 3PD) needs access to sensitive user data (e.g. wallet balance or to perform a transaction effecting the balance of the wallet).
Cleary the user has to authorize such kind of access. Doing this by providing login and password information to a 3PD is an unsatisfying approach, since the user has to give full trust to that 3PD. Due to this, the P2Nex Api will not support any functions accepting login information including passwords.
Therefore, the user has to sign in on the official P2Nex website and activate an access token. By activating the access token, the user can select, whether the user will allow access based on his login id only (no password required), or the uses simply allows access through the access token (which can be regenerated and changed easily by the user).
Lateron the user signs in to the 3RD applications by either his login ID (if activated) or his access token. The 3PD uses the access token or the user login with this Api (parameter named ‘User’).

RESTRICTION: Currently this permissions are not configurable and allow 3PDs just accessing “gaming wallets”.


If you need support, please to not hesitate to contact joachim.kalcher@bitrush.co .